Safety Instructions for SILVERFICHE® products

Before using your SILVERFICHE® product please read these instructions carefully.
If you are not sure if the SILVERFICHE® product is allowed to be used please contact us.

Do not leave SILVERFICHE® products unattended while they are in use.
Make sure that you take care of local safety regulations and guidelines while using SILVERFICHE® products, such as mechanical safety attachments etc.

To protect the surface from damage it is the advice to utilize our modified Manfrotto Clamps.

Intense heat may damage your SILVERFICHE® product and may lead to an insecure operation.
Maximum rated temperatures for SILVERFICHE® products:
T_surface: +70°C (160°F) permanent
T_surface: +120°C (250°F)max, short-time!

Take additional safety measures when you use SILVERFICHE® products under windy conditions.
Possibility for Safety Wire on set.
Clean your SILVERFICHE® products with damp cloth and a drop of dish soap if needed.
Store and transport the SILVERFICHE® product in the transport bag after usage.
Refer to our website for additional information –
SILVERFICHE®/Theo Lustig is not liable for damages caused by incorrect operation.